Welcome to the Professional Research Pool (PRP) for Criminal Justice (CJ) Science. We are glad you are interested in becoming a potential participant in the research projects being conducted through the site. The PRP uses the Sona Systems Experiment Management System to bring researchers and participants together. The Sona System is meant to allow you as a practitioner to register and potentially become involved in research projects related to law enforcement, corrections, and other criminal justice topics.

It is easy to sign up to be a participant by clicking here to access the Sona site or by clicking the Join the Pool button at the top of the page. As a participant, you will be asked to participate in a pre-screening which gathers some basic demographic information about you so researchers can identify your eligibility for a project. Your information remains anonymous within the system unless you agree to participate in a study that indicates otherwise – but you will always have a choice to participate or not.

Remember, the site may not always have a research project available or one that you are eligible for but you will get notifications and can choose which studies you want to participate in. Being a participant helps to advance the science of criminal justice in all areas.

We have created a detailed handbook for you as a participant to help guide you through the registration process and signing up for a research study. Click the link below to access the manual and get started with signing up today.

PRP for CJ Science Sona Handbook


Who is an eligible participant? The Professional Research Pool (PRP) for Criminal Justice Science invites participants from all criminal justice disciplines to participate in the PRP including law enforcement officers, corrections professionals, and other criminal justice areas. Researchers may have different needs from different areas so you may not be eligible for each project but you will be able to see all the research studies that are available.


What is the purpose of the PRP and what benefits do I get from it? The PRP is a unique opportunity to bring researchers and practitioners together in one place for scientific research about the criminal justice field. Participating in the PRP allows you to share your experience, expertise, perceptions, and other information with researchers who are specifically focused on law enforcement, corrections, the courts, and more. The benefits of participating in the pool include allowing your voice to be heard in the research about your field. Without your participation, researchers may have to rely on old studies, outdated books and information rather than having officers and other practitioners involved in up-to-date scientific outcomes.


When will I hear about research projects I might be involved in? Research projects will be conducted on an ongoing basis depending on the researchers and their interest areas. Anytime we get a new project, we will send out an email to all participants in the pool.


Where can I find more information about the PRP? Review the web pages for more information about the PRP. You can also visit the participant documentation here. (LINK FOR PDF DOCUMENT WILL GO HERE) You can also email us at


Why should I use the PRP? The PRP is a unique opportunity to bring together researchers and practitioners in one place. Funded through a grant from the American Psychology-Law Society, the PRP is specifically designed to create a research pool of law enforcement, corrections, and other criminal justice professionals as participants. Through the pre-screening process, researchers will be able to see demographics (anonymously) of individuals already registered with the pool and willing to participate in research dedicated to the criminal justice system. No other pool exists like this in the United States and we hope to create a national presence of researchers and participants to expand the scientific study of the criminal justice field.


How does it work? The PRP uses the SONA Systems cloud-based subject pool software. Generally used with universities in their psychology departments, the PRP chose the SONA System for its expertise in the field of research pools, technology, and security. After approval, research project sign-up is conducted completely online and provides researchers with information regarding potential participants also registered with the pool.

More information about SONA can be found at their website: Upon registration with the SONA system, you will receive more detailed information on available studies and signing up for studies.

How much does it cost?
The PRP does not cost participants anything! Researchers pay a fee to be a part of the SONA system but all you have to do is sign up and get started!