The Professional Research Pool (PRP) came out of an idea for researchers and practitioners interested in criminal justice science to come together in one place. The researcher, Dr. Kimberley McClure, and the practitioner, Dr. Joanne Kurt-Hilditch, wanted to create an avenue for interested parties to meet and work to enhance the available tools that created the connections for those who work in the field to be an important part of those who conduct research in the field of criminal justice science.

We don’t always see what goes on under the surface of research and now is your opportunity to be a part of it. Without your input, research in the criminal justice field and other relevant fields (such as psychology, sociology, law, economics, kinesiology, etc.) remains limited and fails to ensure input from those who work in the day-to-day operations of all aspects of the system. Becoming involved in the PRP, as a researcher, you can connect with participants who want to be a part of your study and of data-driven aspects of policing, corrections, the court system, and more. As a participant, you can contribute to studies related to crime, offenders, safety for officers, health and wellness for correctional staff, and much more. Your work with the pool will help to shed light on the important topics related to criminal justice science.